Education in the XXI century represents a true challenge for educators as new models are launched. La educación centrada en el aprendizaje del estudiante adulto, de aprender-aprender y de aprender para toda la vida, situándolo así como el actor central. Es a ese estudiante a quien se dedica la mayor parte del esfuerzo. [Education is centered in the adult student’s learning, to learn-learn and to learn all his life, thus situating him as the principal actor. That is the student to whom most of the effort is dedicated.]

The Web page of the Faculty Office of the School of Professional Studies, AHORA Program, gives you relevant information and the necessary tools to become part of an innovative faculty of excellence for adults.   

You will learn about the Blackboard teacher’s guide, our official communications, the Calendar of Professional Development Workshops, the Instrument for Assessment of Learning by Course and the Guides of Policies and Procedures, which are documents and forms which distinguish us.  You may also learn about the Profile of the Adult Facilitator, as well as the opportunities for the faculty evaluation process.      

I urge you to join this Institution which offers a unique educational and professional experience, with a faculty especially prepared to serve the adult student.    

¡We are looking forward to seeing you!

Viviana Barrabia Terrero

Faculty Director

School of Professional Studies